Experience a safer and more open world

Innovative products that reduce the transmission of germs:

  • Reduce skin-to-surface touchpoints.
  • Safely use elbows, arms, or feet.
  • Easily modify or replace existing door hardware.

Hands-Free Arm Pulls

Mount above a pre-existing door pull for a quick hands-free addition, or use independently.

Hands-Free Arm Pulls

A selection of our most popular decorative door pulls can be configured with extended posts and/or closer posts, to easily allow for your arm to be placed above, below, or through the pull, limiting touchpoints.


Hands-Free Foot Pulls

Can be used with two different movements.

  1. Place your foot on the top grip and pull the door open.
  2. Put your toe underneath and pull the door towards you.

Door Types

Wood, Metal, Aluminum

For other low-touch or touchless options, click here.